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Web Services Terms of Use

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Strzelecki Group Web Services Terms of Use
(1 August 2019)

1. About
1.1. These Web Services Terms of Use govern your use of Strzelecki Group’s Web Services.
1.2. Every time you access our Web Services you agree to these terms of use. We may review and
amend these terms of use at our discretion, following which an amended version will be
published on our Web Services. The last date of review of these terms of use is set out above.
By continuing to use our Web Services, you accept the version of our terms of use published on
our Web Services as applicable from time to time.

2. Definitions
Strzelecki Group (collectively, “Strzelecki Group”, “we” or “us”) means the group of entities from
time to time based in Australia and known as Strzelecki Group , which includes but is not limited to
Strzelecki Holdings Pty Ltd, Coventry Village Pty Ltd, Poland Superannuation Pty Ltd, WA
Employee Services Pty Ltd, Mycom Investments Pty Ltd, Kreg Pty Ltd, CJH Food and Beverage
Pty Ltd, Coventry Seafoods (Aus) Pty Ltd, Seafood Management Pty Ltd, JDP Holdings (WA) Pty
Ltd, JMP Holdings (WA) Pty Ltd, Two Headed Dragon Pty Ltd and Norfolk Hobbs Pty Ltd and any
related entity of those entities from time to time. If any entity acts as trustee of a trust, a reference to
Strzelecki Group includes that entity in its own right and also as trustee of the relevant trust.

Web Services means any of Strzelecki Group’s websites or mobile device applications, including
but not limited to: www.strzeleckigroup.com.au, www.coventryseafoodbarandgrill.com.au,
www.coventryseafoods.com.au, www.coventryvillage.com.au, www.cucinaitalia.com.au,
www.dolphinquay.com.au, www.oceanicbarandgrill.com.au, www.sorrentoquay.com.au,
www.theharbourterrace.com.au, www.theseafoodnation.com.au, www.two40three.com.au or any
other Strzelecki Group website or mobile device application in respect of which this policy is

3. Security
3.1. Strzelecki Group takes reasonable steps to secure the information you send to us via our Web
Services by, for example, using content management systems and digital certificates. However,
the transmission of information over the internet may not be completely secure and you are
responsible for any decision you make to send us information via our Web Services.
3.2. Our Web Services may prompt you to create a password for access to information via our Web
Services, for example, if you create an account with us. The strength and security of your
password is your responsibility and you must ensure that your password is unique and kept
3.3. Strzelecki Group uses filtering and virus scanning to keep our Web Services secure, but we do
not warrant that such filters and scans will be effective in detecting and removing all viruses
and malware. You should take appropriate measures to ensure any computer or mobile device
used by you to access our Web Services is protected from viruses, malware or any other

4. Copyright
4.1. All rights (including copyright) in the content and design of our Web Services are reserved. All
copyright is owned by Strzelecki Group or a director or officer of Strzelecki Group or is used
under licence or applicable law.
4.2. You must not publish, adapt, distribute, amend, communicate to the public, copy for
distribution, any part of the content on our Web Services without our prior written consent.
Strzelecki Group Web Services Terms of Use (Last updated: 1 August 2019)
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5. Liability
5.1. Except to the extent liability cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law, all liability of
Strzelecki Group, our directors, officers and employees to you or any other person for loss or
damage of any kind (however caused, including in negligence) arising from or relating in any
way to any material obtained from our Web Services and/or any use of our Web Services, is
5.2. We do not endorse or accept liability for the contents of any third party website or internetbased
application referred to, or accessed via a link, on our Web Services.
5.3. Material on our Web Services may be updated and amended from time to time, and may not
reflect the most recent information about our products and services. Strzelecki Group does not
provide any warranty in relation to your use of our Web Services or the currency, completeness
or accuracy of the information contained on our Web Services.
5.4. If any condition or warranty is implied by law into these terms of use which cannot be excluded
then, to the maximum extent permitted by law, our liability for any breach of such implied term
will be limited to the supply of the relevant product or service again or the payment of the cost
of having that product or service supplied again.

6. Privacy
6.1. Personal information provided by you or collected by us during your use of our Web Services
will be used and handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, a link to which can be found
on our Web Services.
6.2. We may use cookies to collect anonymous traffic data from you and others who access our Web
Services. We may also record details about any computer used to access our Web Services (e.g.
IP address, domain name and browser type), the time of access and details of the information
viewed and downloaded. In that regard, any personal information will be used and handled in
accordance with our Privacy Policy, a link to which can be found on our Web Services.

7. Jurisdiction
These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Western Australia. In the event of a dispute
relating to your use of our Web Services or these terms and conditions, Western Australian courts
will have non-exclusive jurisdiction.

8. Contact Details
Strzelecki Group may be contacted at: PO Box 1172
Nedlands WA 6909